Trail Run Training Sessions - Brisbane

Trail Run Training Sessions – Brisbane

We love the trails and want to share them with you! To get you running, we offer a number of different coached trail run training sessions that cater for a variety of abilities and availability.

If you are just starting out and are interested in becoming a runner, we can help you take your first steps and get you off on the right footing. Learning correct running form and technique from the outset is the best way to stay injury free as you progress as a runner. We will get you started with our Technique Training Program, give you guidance about your progression and can even create a tailored Online Training Program for you.

For people who can already run 5km or more, our Technique Training Sessions is equally as important, and in addition to this, we offer Trail Lover trail run training sessions. We use these sessions to increase your running fitness and improve your strength and technique. These carefully planned sessions will improve your endurance and running efficiency, in addition to reducing your risk of injury.

In need of a session that will really push you hard? Our Mountain Goat Trail Run Session is for you. Come to this trail run training session expecting to go home tired! Step out of your comfort zone and see the results. This session can be attended by anyone that can run 10km continuously, as our expectations will match your ability. Running trails and hills can see your running ability increase rapidly and with our targeted coaching, you will see great improvements.

If you are unsure which sessions suits you the most, please send us a message or call us and we will happily get back to you for a chat.

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