Join Us

Are you keen to join Wild Runners and take your running to the trails? Joining us for a run is really simple.

Here is a quick start guide to training with Wild Runners

Your first session

To join us for your first session, all we ask is that you fill out a few emergency contact details here so we can keep you safe. After this, feel free to join us for any of our weekday training sessions by just turning up.

Choosing your session

Our training calendar can be found here. Have a look for a session that suits you.

We’ve three different types of run session

Trail Lover – Trail lover sessions are our all-rounder category with different sessions during the week focusing on speed, endurance, technical trails or strength. We’ll push you hard and perfect your technique. Expect to be stretched.

Mountain Goat – This session is all about perfecting your hill running. Expect to run hard and come home feeling tired. During the session, we will look at tuning your technique and fitness for uphill and downhill running, as well as integrating race techniques (eg some hill walking). Come to this session if you want to rule the hills. Any runner who can run 10km, whatever the speed, will find a great benefit from this session.

Conditioning SessionsOur weekly conditioning session is structured around circuits, drills and short, sharp efforts – think of it as a boot camp for runners. We do very little running. Instead the sessions focus on power, endurance, stability or agility; the critical building blocks to improving your running, both on road and off. This is also a great session to attend if you have very little or no running experience, or you are returning from injury. We’ll only push you as hard as you can go.



What do sessions cost?

Our sessions are free to try and really affordable after that. We don’t hold you to any contracts so you only pay when you turn up.

Find out all the pricing info here.

How far do you run?

All of our training sessions are inclusive. Sessions aren’t run by distance and are run in a training format. No one will be left behind = we don’t run by distance.

Beginners are more than welcome. Contact us if you are nervous about taking the plunge.