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We keep a batch of shirts on hand so you can get your hands on instant cool as soon as you like. We accept cash at sessions or you can make a purchase right now and we will bring the shirt to the next session! If needed, postage costs will be the most reasonable we can find for you.

2016 Design

Singlet or T-Shirt?

2015 design

2014 Wild Runners Shirts

T-shirt or Singlet


All sizes given in cm.

Men’s Singlets

1/2 Chest4143,54648.55153.55658.561
1/2 Waist4143.54648.55153.55658.561

Men’s T-Shirts

Mesurement (cm) columXSSMLXL2XL3XL
1/2 Chest4749.552545759.562
Back Length63656769717375

Ladies’ Singlets and T-Shirts

1/2 Chest40424446485052
1/2 Waist42444648505254