Mountain Goat Runners - Hill & Strength Training

Mountain Goat Runners – Hill & Strength Training

Hills and core strength! Love them or hate them, they make you stronger, enabling you to run faster for longer. In our Mountain Goat trail running sessions we offer this gift of running strength to you.

Our Mountain Goat trail running sessions aren’t for those who just want the post run coffee. Let us push you hard and we promise you will see the results.

Come to this session expecting to go home tired, step out of your comfort zone and see your run improve. 

This session can be attended by anyone that can run 10km continuously. It’s about effort, not ability. We’ll push you to reach your potential if you’re willing to give it a go.

Don’t worry, we won’t push you at the sacrifice of good running technique. Technique is what we are all about and we will give you tips along the way to make you look good when you cruise up the hill past your competition.

Check out our calendar for the Mountain Goat run training sessions and register for your free, no commitment trial today. You won’t be disappointed. All of our sessions are casual with no membership required and no weekly financial commitment.

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