Run PT - Personal Run Training Sessions -Brisbane

Run PT – Personal Run Training Sessions -Brisbane

At Wild Runners, we pride ourselves in great group training. We strive to give feedback each session and we think we do a pretty good job. If you are a runner looking to excel and push your limits, our group sessions coupled with our personalised training programs are a winning formula.

If you are still looking for more, chasing that elusive goal, don’t enjoy training in a group setting or time is tight and you want one hour of our one-on-one personal run training, our run PT sessions are for you.

Personalised run training in Brisbane - Run PT
Personalised run training in Brisbane

During our one-on-one run training sessions all focus is dedicated to getting the best out of you, tweaking your run and pushing your performance. Each session in tailored to your need. We focus on running fitness and technique and also address the underlying strength, power, agility and balance needed to be a great (and injury free) runner. Sessions focus on your needs, if you are training for a particular race our training will be tailored to your race, your ability and to suitable run terrain. Specificity is key to a great training program and our PT sessions deliver exactly that.

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Wild Runners are now The Trail Co. Trailiens. Follow the link below to view our run training session options.

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