About Tim Coles - Wild Runners' Head Coach

About Tim Coles – Wild Runners’ Head Coach

I’m really privileged to hold the role of co-founder and Head Coach of Wild Runners. While I’m an enthusiast of many an outdoor sport, I have a passion for trail running like no other and my goal, through Wild Runners, is to share that trail running buzz with you. I strive to achieve and while for many, that may just mean winning, I view achievement as leading a fulfilling life, full of experiences. This belief informs my approach to coaching: I want to guide my athletes to running success, whatever the individual’s measure of success may be. I get a high as I coach people to take their first steps on the trails, reach the fitness level they deserve and achieve new PB’s or race wins. As a Wild Runner, you can help me share my trail running passion.

I’m an accredited Level 2 Advanced Athletics Australia Running Coach and also a Triathlon Australia coach as well. With running experience ranging from the short dash to 100km ultra marathons and triathlon experience through to Ironman distance, I’ve developed a great collection of knowledge and experiences which I love to share.

I have always had a love of finding out how things work and looking for ways to improve upon that and it was during my PhD that I truly found my niche. Outside of running, I worked on developing training tools to help medical practitioners analyse and improve their performance of various procedures. This analytical approach influences my style of coaching. I aim to always give you feedback during training sessions with a big emphasis on technique, as efficiency in running is key to improved results. As you run 100m, 1km, 10km, 100km or even 100miles, this efficiency becomes ever more crucial. Even more important than speed or endurance, good form prevents injury allowing you to run for many years to come: the ultimate goal of any runner (aside from looking great in your race photos).

My Favourite Running Moments:

1. Getting engaged to my partner in life midway through the Australian North Face 100 in the spectacular Blue Mountains.

2. Two successive wins at my favourite trail run, the Lamington Classic, a two day, 21km each way trail run in a truly beautiful part of the world.

3. Coaching a now very good friend from being a non-runner to a trail fanatic. This really cements my coaching passion and I get a special kind of a buzz when I see him running. He may have found his feet even without my push, but I’m still going to claim it!

As a lifestyle, more than a hobby or sport, running can make a real difference to one’s life. If you think I can help you enhance that lifestyle, whatever your ability (or perceived lack thereof), I’m in. Send me a message and give me even more of a reason to skip happily along the trails.