Run Conditioning Session

Run Conditioning Session

Do you run to keep fit or do you keep fit to run?

Both are true, but in the quest to add more kilometres and reach higher elevation gains, one thing that many runners overlook is conditioning the very machine that is being asked to deliver better, faster and stronger results. If you want to reduce injury risk and make your running easier and more efficient, you should incorporate various types of body conditioning in addition to the running you do. Spending a small amount of time each week completing some run conditioning will help you to get more out of all of your other sessions.

Our weekly run conditioning session is structured around circuits, drills and short, sharp efforts – think of it as a boot camp for runners. It is designed to push your body outside of its comfort zone, forcing it to adapt and grow. We will focus on power, endurance, stability and agility – the critical building blocks to improving your running, both on and off road.

Although there will be less running than traditional sessions, run conditioning still gives the opportunity to work hard, but with the added knowledge that your running performance will be much improved.

Please bring a towel and water bottle. Head torches will be required during the winter months. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a head torch, a small number will be available to borrow. Just let us know and we’ll make sure to charge them.

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