Night Trail Run Training

Night Trail Run Training

The Wild Runners Night Trail Run Training Sessions will hone your running skills at night. Sessions work on night trail running technique, whilst building on running fitness and strength.

Running at night is amazing fun, with your running speeds appearing to be much faster than daytime sessions. It’s also one of the best times to spot wildlife.

We’ll build your confidence to skip over the trails like you do in the light.

To find the next night trail run training session, check out our training calendar.

Trail Running at Night

Night Trail Run Training with Wild Runners

Head Torches

As this is a night session and you will need a head torch. 

If you don’t own a head torch to join our night trail run, don’t despair. We have a set of great hire torches you are more than welcome to use whilst joining our runs. During your first session, you are more than welcome to use our head torches for free, after this we ask for a nominal $2 a session to help us maintain our lights 🙂

If you wish to use a hire torch, please just send us a quick message so we can make sure we bring enough with us!

Check out our head torch in use below (no Photoshop trickery used)

Night Trail Running With Wild Runners. Hire Head Torch

One of our hire torches in action. Join us for a night trail run!