Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Through weekly consults and tailored run programming, our online run training programs will coach YOU to reach your running peak. Our training programs are built from scratch for YOU, rather than the “average” runner, and we are sure you will notice the difference.

While at Wild Runners we love to cruise the trails, sometimes it’s nice to turn on the taps, push yourself outside your comfort zone and achieve something you weren’t quite sure was possible. While our daily coached training sessions offer you structured training, if you have a larger training goal, these must be integrated into a larger plan to focus your efforts where they have most effect. How you go about planning your weekly, monthly and yearly training can make the difference between success and not meeting your expectations.

Our training programs are designed to work with you, listening to your body and work-life balance to get the very best training effect whilst avoiding over training, and remaining injury free.

If you are keen to make a serious commitment to achieving a goal that is at the best of your ability, we will work with you to make an efficient and effective plan and see you through to a successful finish. We won’t just lump you into ‘beginner’, ‘average’ or ‘expert’ runner categories and ship you a ‘go to’ training schedule. We will take the time to write a training plan specifically for you and monitor how you progress through your training journey.

Have a quick glance at the key points of our training programs:

+ We plan from scratch every time to create a program for YOU. You won’t be lumped into an “Expert”, “Average” or “Beginner” categories.

+ We will get to know YOU in our one-on-one consultations. Programs are design with your motivation, not just goal, in mind.

+ Programs are designed to fit YOUR busy and changing lifestyle. We work to your availability and will fit the training into your schedule.

+ Time poor? We will make you a program that will make the most of the limited time you have.

+ Weekly catch-ups. In-person or online, our catch-ups will suit you.

+ Coupled with in-person coaching. Our local clients can benefit from our in-person coaching expertise. Sessions include:

* Technique coaching

* Strength coaching

* Speed coaching

* Pre, post and race strategy

Program options

There are many different training options out there, from ready-made, generic 12-week guides to full session plans. General plans can be used to formulate a program, however, we strongly believe the only way to achieve your best is with a specific and individual approach to training. To provide accessible training, we offer two options for personalised programs. These can be found below.

*All programs follow on from our training consultation.

Training Consultation

To create a personalised program, we will first have a consultation to map out your background, current activities, upcoming commitments and of course, your goals. After this, we will create an overview of the training that we will use to achieve your goals, perhaps including scheduling some races/runs that should work with your lifestyle where appropriate. In the first four weeks, expect your program to be challenging. We will use this period to find your strengths and weaknesses, thus allowing us to focus your training. After this period, programs will  be delivered in two-week batches and we’ll catch up each week to check in on your progress and make adaptations where required.


What’s involved?

To create a training program, we will first have a consultation to map out your background, current activities, commitments and of course, your goals. From this, we will create a training overview and check to make sure the plan is realistic for the time you can commit. Each week, we’ll catch up to check in on your progress and make adaptations where required. In addition, you have unlimited email access for all of your questions.

A plan can’t simply remain static after it has been devised. Life sometimes gets in the way and if you cram to get back on track, you risk fatigue from over-training. We will help you tune in and listen to your body and adjust our training approach to maximise your achievement.

Why Wild Runners?

Why Wild Runners? Your consultation and program will be facilitated and written by head coach Tim Coles who is experienced in sprint events all the way through to 100km trail runs and Iron distance triathlon. Tim has Athletics Australia and Triathlon Australia coaching qualifications, a PhD and a thirst for knowledge. Having worked for CSIRO, developing training for medical practitioners, he is a sucker for scientific knowledge and its application in the real world. Not one to waste energy, Tim believes in efficiency in training, staying in tune with the newest proven training methods and performance optimisation. He believes training effectively and running efficiently are paramount to getting the most out of your training hours. You can put his experience and love of research to good use: train effectively and avoid injury without giving up your day job.

Why a Wild Runners personalised program?

If you have searched “10 weeks to marathon”, or “how to train for an ultra race”, you’ll know there are numerous ready-made plans out there created to suit ‘everyone’. While these can be a good place to start your plan, they do not take into consideration many important factors such as training age, prior experience, current fitness levels, potential illness or injury, personal goals and the race itself. Many plans will dictate distances, but ignore terrain and elevation, and you can be sure they won’t take your personal availability into account. Significantly, trail races can’t be broken down into a specific set of numbers and training targets in the way road marathons can. Whilst the Melbourne Marathon is similar to the Gold Coast Marathon, The North Face 100 is very different to the Glasshouse 100.