Trail Lover - Coached trail running

Trail Lover – Coached trail running

Do you have a trail running addiction or are you a city runner who is looking to escape the concrete jungle? Are you looking to improve technique and strength? Do you want to try something different and meet new people?

The trails are the most beautiful place to exercise and a great way to shake yourself out of a running rut. Take your performance to the next level, on and off the dirt. Lots of pro runners do it, why shouldn’t you?

Our Trail Lover sessions are coach trail running sessions designed for everyone who can run a continuous 5km at ANY PACE. It’s about more than just trail running fitness. We believe in the importance of efficiency and good form and focus our sessions on improving your running through specific technique, core and strength exercises.

Check out our calendar for the Trail Lover trail running training sessions and register for your free, no commitment trial today. You won’t be disappointed. All of our sessions are casual with no membership required and no weekly financial commitment.

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