Video Analysis - Improve your run technique

Video Analysis – Improve your run technique

Don’t be fooled. You can train until you have no energy left, buy all the new fancy gear and eat as many caffeine gels you can fit into your pack, but if your technique is inefficient, you will be forever limited in how fast and far you can run.

Consider how many steps you take during a 5km, 10km and ultra marathon. Inefficiencies in each step are multiplied across the number of steps you take, resulting in a whole lot of wasted energy that could have been directed towards speed or distance goals. Professional runners look effortless as they glide along because they are not expending unnecessary energy, so why should you?

Poor running technique is also a major contributor to running injury. In a cruel twist, injury can also often lead to a deterioration in form as we compensate for the injured area which can exacerbate other issues. Understanding and fine tuning your run technique sooner can save you a lot of grief later.

Video Analysis

Who should get a run assessment? Most people can benefit from a closer look at their running technique. Whether you’re looking for the next level of improvement or to return from a nagging injury, form and function could hold the key.

During our run assessments, we will visually assess your running using visual observation paired with video analysis where we can slow down the footage, analyse each frame and show to you with annotation what we are looking at.

We don’t just point the finger at problems and send you on your way to fix them yourself. We’ll suggest exercises and running drills to help target your particular issues and we’ll show you how to do them during the one-on-one session too.

Run Technique Training

These sessions are one hour long and we will often ask you to go for a quick training session beforehand, as it is when we start to tire that any technique flaws start to really show.

Video analysis for run technique improvement.