Bunyaville Trail Run Preview

Bunyaville Trail Run Preview

We have been trail running at Bunyaville in the lead up to the Bunyville Brisbane Trail Running Series Course.

Bunyaville Forest Reserve can be found roughly 15 km north-west of central Brisbane nestled between Albany Creek and Everton Hills. It’s a great place to run with a variety of fire trails and single track.

If you are running in the Brisbane Trail Running Series you should check out our course preview of the Bunyaville trail running course to see what you are in for:

Make sure you click on the cog item to increase the videos resolution so that the video isn’t blurry pixels.


The Course

The long course is 15.7km long and the short course 8.6km long.

There are 4 road crossings in the course and, for the long course runner, three significant pieces of single track up to 1.4km long. If you want to follow the course for yourself you can download the long course GPS file here and the short course GPS file here.

We’ll be training on the Bunyaville trails for the event this Wednesday. Why not join us at Bunyaville’s Jinka Track for a course preview and race tips session. Try us for free!

Trail Run Training at Bunyaville Forest