The Sunshine coast Trail Running Series is coming soon! Get trained up to race with Wild Runners.

Sunshine Coast Trail Running Series

Awesome news! Those Guys Events have announced the Sunshine Coast Trail Running Series.  It’s coming soon and if the Gold Coast or Brisbane events are a yard stick to measure success, the series should be great!

Those Guys run really beginner friendly events, a great place to test your trail racing legs.

If you would like to find out more about running trails come and join us for a free trial. We have a strong focus on running with good technique as well as improving your running fitness and offer training for all abilities with no one left behind and no one feeling held up. If you don’t know where to start your training, we can help plan your training to get you ready to race or just feeling fitter.

Save the Dates: 

4th October 2015

29th November 2015

14th Feb 2016


Check out the event website here:


Here is a taster of the fun you can have at a Those Guys Event

Sunshine Coast Trail Running Series

What you can expect at the Sunshine Coast Trail Running Series