Run Technique

Run Technique

Run technique governs your run efficiency, speed and your susceptibility to injuries.

Whether you are just beginning your running career, are transitioning from road to trails, or you realise every step in your run counts and want to chase down more efficiency from each stride, Wild Runners Run Technique training sessions are for you!

Our weekly Run Technique sessions are designed to give you the tools to improve your running form in small, manageable chunks. Unlike the traditional weekend workshops where you are bombarded with information to take home and apply, our weekly sessions will give you the chance to perfect and practice one aspect of good form at a time and come back again next week to make sure you’ve nailed it; a much more sustainable way to improve your running technique.

Like all of our sessions, our technique sessions cater for all abilities. With a greater focus on perfecting technique through targeted exercises, these sessions tend to be lower intensity than others and pair well with tougher sessions or your own runs, where you can put your new techniques into practice.

Whether you’re fresh to the trails or chasing a PB, come along and see what you’re capable of with the right form and function on your side!

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