Newsletter November 2014 - Trail Run Training

Newsletter November 2014 – Trail Run Training

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Hi Wild Runners,

It has been great to see so many new faces at training over the last few weeks and especially to watch some of you participating in your very first trail run last Sunday. You were all looking really strong at the end and holding good form. I really love seeing new people get confidence on the trails with your run times starting to drop off and your race positions getting closer to the pointy end. Great job and keep up the hard work.

With lots of new people coming each week, make sure you take the time to say hello and make another runner feel welcome. They may even become your new best running buddy. Joining us for a post run coffee is a great opportunity to say more than a hurried ‘hello’ to your fellow runners and get to know each other better.

New Run Location

From the beginning of Nov, our Friday session is taking off in Toohey Forest. This gives us a chance to vary the terrain and type of sessions we give you guys. Toohey has some fun single track and open paths which, due to their flatter nature, are great for picking up a bit of speed. Speed work is important for everyone from short distance dashers to ultra marathoners, even if you aren’t in the race to win it.

By increasing your top end speed, running at your mid speed will feel easier, you will cruise past people you were previously chasing and your everyday running will become more effortless. Toohey Forest is a great spot. If you have been holding off joining us because of the “Mount” in Mt Coot-tha, now is the perfect opportunity to check us out and start your off road training.

Keep your shirt on, there are no changes for the G20

The G20 is upon us. While the world’s leaders get busy talking politics, Wild Runners sessions are set to run as normal. Friday’s bank holiday session will be going ahead so start your long weekend off the best way imaginable, running in beautiful Toohey Forest.

According to the latest intel, we will be fine to access all of our usual haunts – the beauty of getting ‘out’ of the city to run! We will keep an eye on the situation and keep you updated with any last minute changes on our Facebook page.

Brisbane Trail Running Series

Round two of the Brisbane Trail Running Series was held at Bayview over the weekend. All our Wild Runners reported that it was a great race. The weather was relatively cool and the tracks narrow and lots of fun. The course was notably flatter than Enoggera Reservoir and with more of the smaller, technical trails. Our event photos are now up in a Facebook gallery here.

A few pre race Wild Runners

The next round is early in 2015 and there are plenty of other trail events on over the summer so let’s get training and see what we can help you achieve in your next run!

Lamington Classic

Laura and I raced at the Lamington Classic, held in Lamington National Park, a couple of weekends ago. This has to be one of our favourite trail races. It has a two day format with day one running from O’Reillys, 21km along the Border track to Binna Burra. Most people stay at Binna Burra overnight and we all run back to O’Reillys the following day.

Relaxing fireside and sharing war stories see you make lasting friendships, rather than rushing home straight after the event. This really embodies the weekend and it is what makes it such a great race for us.

Watch out for our full Race Report, coming soon. Spoiler alert, Laura and I did pretty well!

It’s a race that I can’t recommend highly enough and I will keep you in the loop when the entries open for next year.

New Challenges

Last Wednesday, Laura and I spent the morning poised over the mouse to secure a North Face 100 entry for 2015. This is a spectacular run through the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and I know there are other Wild Runners that are interested or have entered in the 100km or 50km race. Check out last year’s run report here. Be warned though, you might want to sign up afterwards if you like a challenge and are missing a few brain cells.

Do you have a challenge or goal you want to meet? Small or big, you should go for it! Alongside our group training sessions, we can work with you to develop a personalised training program to target your goal race. Our programs involve a one on one consultation and weekly catch ups to check progress. Designed for, not adapted to, your personal needs, they are the best way to squeeze the very best training out of your life style.

Have a chat to me at your next training session or Contact Us to challenge yourself. Go on.. you know you want to!

Why train on trails

It’s all about strength and technique. Good technique helps us to run injury free. It also makes running more enjoyable by allowing you to run further and longer while using the same amount of energy.

Have you ever thought that many of the people out on the trail for the longest are actually working the hardest? The winners are certainly putting in a lot of effort and energy. But not necessarily more effort or energy than those who come in second, third, thirtieth, three hundredth… And yet, every one of those people is out there longer than the winner. They are required to exert similar efforts but for longer periods.

Our Trail Lover session have just moved into a speed phase where we will get you moving faster. The night sessions will help you maintain your speed over tricky terrain when the sun goes down and our Mountain Goat sessions will help you build you ascending and descending strength. All of them are designed to improve your efficiency and make running even more enjoyable each time you get out, be it on the road or better yet, in the bush!

See you on the trails,

Head Coach, Wild runners

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