Day 8 – Are you feeling a little sore? As we move into Monday we are giving ourselves a much needed recovery day. But don’t worry, we still have a useful exercise for you to do while you give your core a break.

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Resting your weary muscles is as important as working out. If you don’t give your muscles a chance to recover then you won’t see the improvements you deserve. So today we are focusing on the non weighted squat.

The Squat

The squat is a versatile tool and while it can act as a great strength exercise, today we are focusing on promoting mobility and balance, it is our rest day after all!

To start the squat, we want to be standing tall, holding our arms out in front for balance. Our feet are shoulder width apart and out feet should point out at approximately 5 degrees. Throughout the exercise, face straight ahead, chest up and back straight. The squat is initiated from the hips. As you lower, ensure your knees track over your second toe, your weight is on your heels and your heels are kept in in contact with the floor. As we are focused on mobility, drop as low as you can without losing form, rest there for a few seconds to feel a bit of a stretch, and then come back up. Make sure you push your hips through at the end of the movement to explore a full range of motion. You will need to tense your glutes to do this. Great glute activation!!!  Make all of the movements slow and controlled.

Step 1 – Start tall looking ahead, hips through

Squat Core exercises for runners

Step 2 – Make sure you don’t go down too far and loose your back position. If you feel you back curling STOP and hold for 3 seconds.

Squat Core exercises for runners

Step 3 – Finish tall looking ahead, hips through.

Squat Core exercises for runners


The Exercise Set:

Today’s set is simple and the same for everyone, although a varying degree of flexibility (ability to get low in to the squat) may be achieved. Today we are going to do ten squats, rest a minute and a half and then repeat ten squats. Then we are done.

Consider integrating these into a warm up before a big run. They will help you achieve a good range of motion and get your glutes firing if you perform them correctly.

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Looking forward to another week of core time with you in the run up to Chrissy.

See you tomorrow, Wild Runners.