Hello Wild Runners,

How did you go with the Single Leg Squat yesterday? Sometimes an exercise is so good, you just have to do it again! While we still have a few exercises to unwrap before Christmas day is upon us, exploring and reinforcing your technique and range with the Single Leg Squat is one a ‘must repeat’!

The Single Leg Squat is a classic stability exercise and a great one for strengthening your VMO to avoid ‘runner’s knee’. So if you missed yesterday’s cues, check them out here. Otherwise, let’s jump straight on in.

The Exercise Set

Today, we’re adding a bit more difficulty to yesterday’s exercise so work on increasing your range of motion by as much as you can without technique going out the window. Alternatively, head to the same depth as yesterday but at a slower, even more controlled pace to switch all your happy core muscles on for longer.

StepInstructionLevel 1Level 2Level 3
1Single Leg Squat 12 as low as possible with return12 as low as possible with return12 as low as possible with return
2Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
3Hold a Front Plank45 seconds55 seconds1:10 min
4Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
5Hold a Side Plank on your left arm45 seconds55 seconds1:10 min
6Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
7Hold a Glute Bridge45 seconds55 seconds1:10 min
8Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
9Hold a Side Plank on your right arm45 seconds55 seconds1:10 min
10Rest1:30 mins1:15 mins1 min
11Repeat Circuit1 more time (2 sets total)1 more time (2 sets total)1 more time (2 sets total)

Great stuff!

I hope you have a great weekend whether catching up on last minute Christmas shopping or kicking off your holiday break. Check in tomorrow for something new to add to our repertoire.

Until tomorrow, Wild Runners.