Day 12 – Play dead!

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Today we are playing dead but still getting a good workout with the “dead bug”. This is a great exercise for trunk stability as you move both your arms and legs.

Check out the cues for the two exercises below and jump on in. We’ve a rest day tomorrow so let’s make that core burn a little towards the end!

Dead Bugs                                                                                                                               

This exercise begins with you looking a little like a dead bug, strange that… Our legs are held up in the air, with knees bent at 90 degrees to our trunk. Try to mimic the posture in the first picture.

During this exercise, ensure all movements are slow and controlled. Faster is not better in this case. The slower you go, the better the work out and the more likely you will be able to maintain good form.

To perform the exercise, extend one arm and the opposite leg. From this position, if you are following level two or three, hold your extended body positioning for 2 seconds or 6 seconds respectively.

Note: take care that the small of your back is always pressed into the ground as you perform this exercise. Don’t allow it to arch. If you can’t hold your back position, STOP. Either reposition yourself or only lower your legs to the point where your whole back remains in contact with the ground.

Check out the pictures below:

Dead Bug Core Exercise - Wild Runners Brisbane

Dead Bug Core Exercise - Wild Runners Brisbane

The Exercise Set:

In today’s set, we are performing Dead Bugs, Side planks and Glute bridges. Everyone will perform the same number of Dead Bugs with the different levels holding the extended position longer. Keep in mind we have another rest day tomorrow so push HARD.

write name columwrite name columnwrite name column
1Perform Dead Bug1010 with 2 second holds10 with 6 second holds
2Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
3Hold a Side Plank on your left arm35 seconds45 seconds1 min
4Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
5Hold a Glute Bridge35 seconds45 seconds1 min
6Rest30 seconds30 seconds20 seconds
7Hold a Side Plank on your right arm35 seconds45 seconds1 min
8Rest1:30 mins1:15 mins1 min
9Repeat Circuit1 more time (2 sets total)1 more time (2 sets total)1 more time (2 sets total)

We always love to know how you are doing so check in with us on the Wild Runners Facebook wall, #CalendarOfCore or send us an email.

It would be great to see you at a Wild Runners session sometime soon – we love new faces. It often only takes a few simple pointers to see significant improvement.

See you tomorrow, Wild Runners.