The Best Running Present Ever?

The Best Running Present Ever?

What is a good running present? Do you ever find yourself scratching your head asking what to buy the runner who has everything?

It’s pretty impossible to run wild without feeling better about the world, so why not give someone you love the gift of happiness? Our sessions cater for all abilities of runners from complete beginners to the hardcore enthusiasts. Wild sessions are driven by a desire to help runners run develop great form and technique to keep everyone running more comfortably and much more safely – in other words, to run better and do it for longer. We aim to push runners out of their personal comfort zone to achieve new running bests and reach their goals.

Purchase the Wild Runners gift certificate to give your loved one 10 training sessions and a little slice of happiness! You’ll receive a personalised, printable golden ticket to wrap up and put in the stocking of someone special. They can use their voucher to attend any ten of our professionally coached training sessions. All of our coaches are accredited by Athletics Australia and are experienced trail runners who just can’t wait to help you improve your running.

What better present for the runner in your life?

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*Left shopping really, really late and need your present pronto? We promise we will do everything in our power to get the voucher to you ASAP and can provide a non-personalised version if time is not on your side.