The Big One! 

Merry Christmas from Wild Runners,

You’ve done it, Day 25, otherwise known as Christmas Day, is here! Well done for getting through the calendar and giving your core some Christmas cheer.


Today is going to be a tough one. Our regime is going to be a little less formal so we suggest you integrate what you have practised so far into this special day.

If you are playing Santa or one of his elves, this exercise set will be a lot easier to pull off. If not, you may need to slip someone a fiver or an extra slice of pudding to take over their spot beside the tree.

Gift Distributing Squat

Perform as many squats as required to ensure the ground around the Christmas tree is clear and your friends and family are all happily unwrapping their gifts. Maintain your form no matter how much you are being ridiculed. This will give the gift of joy to your loved ones (and a core workout from laughing at you)!


Dead Bug – optional extra

For when the excess food, drink and/or general jolly-ment has taken its toll, consider a modified Dead Bug. This ‘level’ is not quite a core workout by after 24 days of doing right by your core, you deserve a little rest. Why not support those weary legs on a nearby couch?


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From the Wild Runners team, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas, no matter how you are celebrating. If any of you are getting out for a run, we’d love to hear about it. Share it on our Facebook page with #wildrunners or by replying to this email.

Happy eating, drinking and being merry!

See you on the trails,

Tim and Laura