Day 16– Superman – the next level!

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It’s great feeling like Superman so while we have practiced laying on the floor, today we are going to try a new version which gets us a little higher off the ground and feeling that little bit more super. While it looks easy, it’s a difficult exercise to get right so ask someone to give you feedback or perform the exercise in front of a mirror to make sure you really are looking as super as you feel.

Kneeling Superman

We need to exhibit immaculate trunk control for this exercise so if you have one handy, grab a friend to give you feedback. If not, a mirror will do. Go on, check yourself out to lock in that super pose.

From kneeling on all fours, with a straight back, lift one arm and the opposite leg so that you are as long as possible. Make sure your hips remain parallel to the ground and you don’t feel yourself twisting. To ensure you stay parallel, tense your core before moving your arms or legs off the ground. Once you are in a long, straight position, hold for a couple of seconds and then return to your original, all fours position and you are done.

Check out the photos below:

Kneeling Superman Core Exercise

Kneeling Superman Core Exercise


The Exercise Set:

For today’s set, we will be combining the Kneeling Superman with Sit-ups and Double Leg Lowers. Ensure you do these correctly to avoid injury. If you are at all unsure about the cues, check the exercises out before continuing. We are super-setting the three exercises so move straight from one to the next. Don’t worry, there are breaks in between each set.

StepInstructionLevel 1Level 2Level 3
1Sit upLevel 1 Sit Up x 4Level 1 Sit Up x 7Level 2 Sit Up x 10
2Kneeling Superman - 2 second hold369
3Double leg lowers51015
4Rest2 mins1:30 mins1:30 mins
5Sit upLevel 1 Sit Up x 5Level 2 Sit Up x 7Level 3 Sit Up x 10
6Kneeling Superman - 2 second hold369
7Double leg lowers51015
8Rest2 mins1:30 mins1:30 mins
9Sit upLevel 1 Sit Up x 5Level 3 Sit Up x 7Level 4 Sit Up x 10
10Kneeling Superman - 2 second hold369
11Double leg lowers51015

Congratulations on getting to Day 16. You have shown great determination and your core will thank you! Keep up the good work until Christmas and come out the other side running even stronger than before. Let us know how you are doing by posting a pic on our Facebook wall #CalendarOfCore or send us an email.

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See you tomorrow, Wild Runners.